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Dear Emi-Jay ties,

Happy 6th Birthday! You're growing right up. I wanted to write you an open letter and say thank you. Thank you for being the only one who can slightly restrain my mass of curls. Thank you for not making dents, dings, or crimps. Thank you for keeping my buns round and my ponytails tailing. Thank you for surviving the assaults of hairspray, conditioner, and the occasional stray bobby pin. Thanks for understanding that my hair should be on my head and not wrapped around you when I take you out.  Thanks for not snapping in the middle of a presentation, flying across the room, and snapping someone in the forehead. That was pretty legit of you.  You're my most functional and necessary accessory, and you're the product of two serious girl bosses. Overall, you're the real MVP.

Wishing you many more years of using hand tied knots to not knot.

x Justina

ps. guys this isn't even a joke I'm obsessed

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