now is everything

jacket c.o. Adidas NEO
shoes: asos
jeans c.o. Almost Famous 
top : vintage Ralph Lauren

Let's talk about living in the moment. Fantastic concept. How often do we not do it when we could? You know you've had one of those days where you looked at the skirt you actually wanted to wear and thought "Nah, pants are normal. Normal people wear pants". Or you've gone out and heard your favorite song play over the sound system and started singing along, only to catch a totally random glance from a stranger and immediately feel like you've just been chanting to some ~dark force~. And remember that time you just wanted to go to the movies with your friends, but everyone was bricked up for the next six months with practices and work and school and meetings and audiences with the Queen of England? It's no fun, and you usually regret it six days later when you realize "Actually, everyone would have been super impressed with me nailing every verse of "Rap God"."

I know it's just wiiildly unbelievable, but this happens to me every single day. I forget that right now is the time to do stuff, not next Tuesday at 3. I don't wear outfits I like, not because I'm worried about practicality (Mum), but because I think "oh there will be another time to wear it, I'm just going to school." Well, the buck stops here. (I've always wanted to say that.) It's time to seize the day, seize the moment, seize the now. Buy the sunglasses, dance to the song, laugh at the joke that no one else got. Goon the road trip, wear that eyeshadow,  just generally do your thang. Wear the shoes, even if everyone says they look like they escaped from the LEGO movie.

 I wore this outfit to go outside (*gasp*) and inflict my extraordinarily awkward dancing upon the innocent public for Adidas NEO's #NOWISEVERYTHING campaign. It is, of course, extremely graceful and well choreographed and not at all reminiscent of a baby giraffe, but I think I'll spare you all the same. It was also, strangely, extremely freeing. Once you get over the fact that you are dancing, in public, by yourself, to music no on else can hear, you notice that

a. nobody cares


b. you're having a lot of fun.

Sort of explains a lot about Taylor Swift, doesn't it?

x J 

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  1. I love your pink jacket

  2. Nice:) xx

  3. Guess we tend to forget how important living in the moment really is :) xoxox


  4. I love your writing. You made me laugh three times. And lego shoes are the best shoes.


  5. okay totally needed to read this!! love your pictures too :)


  6. Lovely outfit! I especially love your shoes! Reading your thoughts on living the moment made me smile, I also think we should do what we want to and not worry about what others think.


  7. such a beautiful smile :)) I agree that it's important to realize that now is the time to things. Otherwise, we may just get caught up in worry, stress, etc. because of all the things we have to do in the future! Sometimes, we just need to step away from all that busyness and realize the wonders of what's going on at the moment!

    love how the pink sticks out so well~

  8. You look so lovely! I love the jacket and shoes so muuuuuch!


  9. Great message! Any day is perfect to do what you want, don't wait until "the perfect" day arrives, JUST DO IT NOW! :)
    By the way, I love your jellies! :)

    Fashionably Sparkly

  10. this post is fantastic XD I love the Taylor Swift part :)
    <3 Katie

  11. love those jeans and jut how much fun you look to be having ahah! xo


  12. i honestly do need that jacket in my life right now



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