a matter of being marilyn//happy birthday ms. monroe

Everyone expects me to be an Audrey girl,
 but I never quite got there.

There are a lot of, well, dead people I wish I could meet, and Marilyn Monroe is one of them. 
I think she is truly one of the most fascinating Hollywood stories to ever exist. 
Because that is exactly what she is: a story. 
Or maybe a legend.

As Marilyn herself said often, 
the person she'd "turn on" wasn't her, just a finely tuned role. 
A quick change. 
When you think about that, it becomes apparent how truly talented she was. 

It has pained me for quite a while that people choose to focus on how she died, rather than how she lived. Even some 60-odd years after her death, we are still proving her point: "No one takes me seriously, and no one truly cares about me as a person." No one reads the stories written by her friends of her opening her door to whoever needed help, or her many hours spent collecting books for her personal library. We talk about her affairs, her marriages, her problems. When we discuss her style, we talk about that ridiculous white dress and the beauty mark, instead of her extensive collection of tailored basics and her secret blonde dye, which took 26 other shades to create. 
There was an art to being Marilyn Monroe that I have yet to see anyone properly replicate,
or appreciate.

So on what would have been her 52nd birthday,
I ask that we move past the Warhol portrait,
it was fun the first eighty bajillion times we saw it on a tshirt
 that awful "My Week With Marilyn" film,
and why she isn't here today,
build a bridge and get over it
and celebrate the woman who was the original Hollywood Star.

"We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle."

whoever allowed a McDonalds to be put behind Marilyn Monroe's star on the Walk of Fame:
we are not friends.

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  1. I've always been crazy happy that me and Marilyn Monroe have the same birthday! Absolute awesomeness (good timing mother). Lovely post in honour of the queen of slaying!


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