its exactly like that jay-z song

I'm still cold

I just got home from New York, 
and I thought I'd make a list of all the things I learned in the last 48 hours. 
Film version coming soon to your nearest Youtube channel.

1. If you are mad (or happy), the person in front of you is driving too slow (or fast),
 if you're having a bad day (or a good one),
 or anything else is happening in your life, lean on your horn.

2.  There is always an excuse to put in an extra flight of stairs.

3. No, they will not wave back at you.

4. Pizza is always the best choice.
 (okay I already knew that but it was confirmed)

5. You need your ID for everything,
 because despite what you may have previously believed, 
you might not actually be you.

6. There are lots of different versions of English. And that's just in one block. 

7. Bright eyeshadow is not appreciated.

8. No one at Starbucks, not even the people working there, 
know or care to know how to make your double caramel sweetened vanilla coffee.  

9. But can you CAN ask for walking directions and they won't just stare at you.

10. "It's a really nice fifteen minute walk." 
is code for 
"thirty minute hike you won't be able to walk after."

11. Don't even try the cute hairstyle. Just don't. 

I had a very....interesting time in NYC. 
I don't want to give it ALL away, 
because I'm making a video,
 and what was the point of lugging around that video camera 
if I'm just going to spill everything here?


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