a bent piece of wire in the big apple

it's time to be off

I was about to pack up and leave for NYC without even a post. 
I know, bad blogger, but can you blame me?

 It's been a flawlessly insane week.

 I saw Miley.

 She was perfect

It has been worth the almost decade long wait I've endured 
since I first fell in love with her on New Years Eve 2005. 
If you get the chance, 
snatch your Hannah Montana gear out of your closet 
I know you still have it
and get your butt to the Bangerz Tour.

But pressing on, I'M GOING TO NEW YORK CITY.
 How excited are we? 
Much excited.

 I'm only there for a little over 24 hours, 
so obviously, 
I'm going to spend half of it instagramming super-touristy things. 

To follow along you can check the hashtag #ABPOWintheApple or, even better, just follow me on Instagram and twitter
Actually, that's like 500x better. 
Do that. 

I'm going to be on the TODAY show Friday morning, 
so if you're in the US, take control of your television set and watch. 
I want to make y'all proud. 
And you want to see what comes out of my mouth on national television. 
It's going to be good. 

As I write this post,
 I realize I've already forgotten to pack pants. 
Which are extremely essential.

 Especially if you've only packed sweaters.



  1. Good luck on the Today Show! I'll be watching :)

  2. Amazing, I'm so jealous omg that fab that you are going to be on the show good luck you will be fab please tell us more about it and why are you are on! Cant wait to hear, have a great time!!!

    Have a great day,
    Lucy xxx
    Florals & Corals


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