selfie queen, oh she's a selfie queen

 I felt like a selfie was only appropriate,
 thank you to photo booth for always capturing my grainy glory

Guess where I'mmmmmm going?

No really, guess. 

Not LA, we've already done that.

Think right. Waaaaay right.


I'm so excited to announce that next Friday 
 (the 28th, for the date challenged and me) 
I'll be on the TODAY show in New York City as part of their "Love Your Selfie" series! 
All week long they'll be covering body image, 
from personal journeys to those making an impact on them.

There may also be a cute Olympian or two. 

I am so looking forward to talking about such an important issue, 
especially one that so strongly effects you guys, my readers, as "youth in today's society"

Who's really looking forward to Friday!?!

I thought we talked about singing that song.


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  1. Ahhhh! Congrats! I'm super stoked to hear this great news! I hope you have a luxurious time in the city where dreams can come true <3

  2. ooohhh congrats.. that is sure good news! are you going to post this on the blog so non-US people can watch it too?


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