iggy azalea for beverly hills high senior class president

when iggy azalea locks up beverly hills, she does it right

Iggy's done it again. 
She literally combined several of my favorite things 
and made a music video I don't hate.
 It's flawless.

She and Charli effortlessly took a pretty street song 
and used a  bubblegum visual that somehow just works.
Completely unexpected, utterly, mindblowingly fantastic. 

I mean, is there anyone fancier than Cher Horowitz?

Except maybe...

Iggy Azalea.

I'm in actual tears right now because tickets for her tour have sold out and
 I was too struggling/broke/whatever the chic word is now for poor 
to afford them.

Waaaay too much way normal teenage girl life there.

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  1. I've never been a massive Iggy fan but when I saw this video I kinda fell in love with her, just a smidge. Genius



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