easter egg game too strong

dress c.o. chiara fashion//shoes c.o lulu's//cardigan: forever 21//sunnies c.o zerouv 

it's so bright wow

I love this outfit. 

There's sparkles and bright turquoise and a swingy cardigan 
and it's just a generally happy outfit.

The dress is perfect. 
The necklace part is actually detachable, 
so it can be formal or more relaxed.
chill, turquoise, chillllllll

I mean there is the side effect of me looking like an Easter egg,
 but hey,
 everyone loves a good Easter egg.

I would really like if you watched it, and even if you skip the bits where I'm rambling on about
how I started blogging and interviews and such, I would like if you listened to the last part.

Recently it has come up in my life a lot that people aren't happy. 
They don't love what they do or how they look or the way they eat sour strings. 
(Okay that last one is mine but seriously, who licks the sour bit off before eating it? 
That's disgusting.)

That is terribly sad.

So here is my challenge to you:
do something you love today. 
Just one thing. 

It can be popping bubble wrap for five minutes, 
or watching an episode of Parks and Rec
or just lying on the floor listening to R5 acoustic sessions. 

Then do something different tomorrow.
Find your happy thing and let it guuuuuide you.

clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth
clap along even if you don't want to because this is my blog and that's what I said to do

Okay, self-help/therapy/Oprah hour is over, 
the doctor is out.


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