foot gloves

socks c.o. legwear loft| bow legs c.o. my soccer team

if you wanna be my lover, you better give me a good pair of socks

When you wear big stomping combat boots as often as I do, 
a good pair of knee high socks you can artfully scrunch down  is a must.

They should also be durable enough for sporadic floor sliding competitions, and pretty enough that when that awkward "I can see your untanned ankles" thing happens, it's not awkward at all.

These magical things can't possibly exist, you insist. 

and yet

they do.

When Legwear Loft sent me these, 
I was a bit skeptical, as they look a bit on the delicate side of things.
 As we all know, that won't work too well for me.
Let us take a moment and count how many 60 denier tights I go through a week

But after a rigourous two weeks of testing, I am happy to pronounce that they are Justina proof, and for all their cute little knit, they have done a beautiful job of keeping my feet 
(otherwise referred to as "those bloody FREEZING blocks of ice on the ends of your legs"
warm and cozy.

 Everyone who wants to cuddle with me is very appreciative.


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