yay turkey

  idk dude autumn leaves are just awesome

 Happy Thanksgiving! 
(aka "Justina's favorite holiday")

If you are an American, and took a break from eating to read this,

stop it immediately.

This post will still be here, 
but I cannot guarantee your food will for much longer.

If you are not American, or have already passed into the semi-comatose, internet wandering state,
carry on.

I would like to take this opportunity to express how deeply thankful I am for you guys.
I make lists a lot, and on this years "Thanksgiving Thank You's" list, 
a lot of the things were rooted in the fact that you read this blog, like my instagram posts, 
and come up with clever 140 character responses.  

So thank you for being so exceptionally fabulous.

Now let's get back to these pies.


PS. (A)
Don't go to Walmart tomorrow. 

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