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The reactions I get to this sweatshirt - which is paint on cotton- are priceless.

There are the Lorde fans, who instantly break into "Royals".
There are the people who look mildly offended and ask me if I "support hierarchical clique culture".
There are my friends who laughed and accepted it.

The official definition of "Queen Bee" is
"a woman who has a controlling position in a particular group or sphere."

Regina George to the Plastics,
Michelle Obama to the women of America?

this is probably the only blog you'll ever read where the First Lady of The United States is compared to Regina George but that's what makes us special 
Anytime I wear it out, 
people tend to stare at me a bit longer, 
as though they're trying to judge if it's a joke, irony, or a fact.
When I made it, my thoughts were along the lines of all three.

And a little bit of Lorde.

Now I've taken up whipping out a tiara and announcing that "my ball gown is at the cleaners."

and if you don't carry a spare tiara around there really isn't any hope.


actual queen bees are in trouble, 
read up on CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) here.

Ja'mie nailed it. 

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  1. Love these photos, I also love the fact you compare regina with michelle!

    Imogen <3

  2. Beautiful! You have a really nice blog here! I like your posts! :)

    My Fashion Jar

  3. Literally as I read this I thought to myself and I was like "is this girl my long lost sister?" your train of thought is a very similar to my own. Simply the fact I would compare Regina George and Michelle Obama in the same boat. Awesome blog!


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