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photo credit: anouk 
sweater c.o. lulu*s|vintage denim|heels c.o. bc footwear|purse c.o. hippe hebbedingjetes

So this weekend, I'm covering the LAUNCH music + fashion festival
here in the city I currently live in.

I'm going to be instagramming up a storm, so check that out

 These photos were taken outside the fashion show, 
which was held in a building I've loved since I was like five.

The best part was that every time we wanted to take a photos, the crowd of people just parted. 
they get me

well they did until I started leaping about in these shoes
then it was like

 "she's gonna break her ankle, let's watch"

I thought this sweater was terrifically amusing, 
especially once people started jostling
 (quite strongly thank you very much)
 for seats near the runway. 
It also protected me from the harsh Arctic wind-er, air conditioning. 
stop judging my sweater addiction

My purse (seen here taking a rest in the corner) is genius.
 It is big, leather, and has spikes all over it to discourage
a. pickpockets
b. purse snatchers
c. people in my bubble

loooove it

now I'm off to bop to some indie music
in a floral crown
and converse
 like a legit hipster


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  1. Cool outfit, I absolutely love those jeans!


  2. Ohh.. just love your style ! ;**

  3. Really love this outfit! Looks really nice on you!
    Love your blog, now following!
    Jess xo


  4. I love the color of those shoes! And I like the way you write, to the point and very amusing :)


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