I didn't get to crowdsurf: LAUNCHxMusic 2013

day 1 outfit: dress + sunnies: c.o. lulu*s, shoes c.o. bc footwear
day 2 outfit: vintage overalls + top, shoes c.o. bc footwear

my ears are still ringing, is that normal?

this weekend, I attended LAUNCH music festival,
 which is a groovy (heard this word repeated about thirty bajillion times) new festival out of my hometown.

 and for the sake of keeping this organized,
 here's a brief thought list  I made while sitting on a lawn listening to St. Lucia:

1. #launchsacramento
2. geez it's hot. is anyone else hot?
3. I LIKE THIS BAND (Turquoise Jeep)
4. Snowcone time. And repeat. (see above pictures)
6. I need to bring a backpack tomorrow. 
7. You guys, I'm really hot. (it was 100 and something degrees, literally.)
9. Oooh, you have cool hair, let me follow you around so I can get a photo.
10.  (sing)
 Make new friends, even though you'll never see them again, we'll always have im-a-gine dra-gons
11. Coachella shirts counted: 28

I had never been to a music festival before, but this one was a great starting point. 
I tried coconut water for the first (and last) time, 
grooved to some gangsta/dubstep/rave/kanye west music, 
waved my arms around quite a bit,
 and accepted compliments on my gorgeous shoes like nobodies business.
(slow clap for bc footwear, 'cause I was the only person not limping at the end of the day)

My outfits were well done if I do say so myself and I do
I floated about in my new favorite summer dress from Lulu*s
thank goodness it's summer until December here
and felt super peasant-chic in my favorite vintage top
 Basically, I've got the festival look down

I'm not big into indie music, 
(my ipod reads something like "Katy Perry Ke$ha Iggy Azalea Lana Del Rey")
so it was cool how many different types of music were happening. 
I definitely discovered some new artists I liked.
(Grieves, Dessa, Doomtree)

The only thing I'm moaning about is an overall tan (#justinaproblems, am I right?
 update the festival calendar kids,
there's a new jam in town


photos 1,2,3,5,8,10,11 by anouk

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  1. Looks lush, I love a good festival :D

    Your outfits are perfect :)



  2. So jealous, I've never been to a festival before. Love both your outfits,especially the shoes.


  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog! You have a lovely blog and I really enjoy your posts! Would you like to follow each other? Just let me know! :)


  4. you are beautiful! xx

  5. You look so boho-chic in all these photos. You've MASTERED the festival look. Love the second look you had with the overalls, I never that someone could rock them in so many different ways/looks.

    -Stina | OGstina.blogspot.com

  6. What a fun post! & I love your boots.
    x Hannah

  7. Your dress is just perfect! And it's all looking like so much fun!


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