An Open Letter To Madeline

madeline is moving to London and which is amazing but I am not in London which is not amazing.
 end of backstory.

Dear Madeline,

I used to be really scared of you.

 But then you grew out your green hair and I grew a foot taller and got a fashion blog.

That's how all the good adventures start.

In the last year, you have been 
my partner in crime, 
my prom date, 
my fellow Amy Childs Fan Girl,
my not-British British buddy
my model wrangler,
 and my basketball game body guard.

 We've tried on that hideous Nicki Minaj lipstick, and eaten a lot of In n Out.
 (well, I did, you just ate fries, which doesn't count)

 Tomorrow you are finally going on this big adventure that you've wanted for so long, 
and I'm really excited for you.

I'm also really excited the internet is a thing.

   I was going to write a long gushy post but that I realised that 

a. I am not a gushy person

b. booooring

so instead, here is some things you should not forget:

1.Faux fur vests don't do well in rain.

2. Stay Essex

3. Stop trying to explain veganism to carnivores.

4. Take your Georgia Nicholson book everywhere in case you need to quickly translate.

5. You are Posh Spice, but look like Baby Spice.

Also, if you do not send me post cards there will be problems.

Cheers and a bucket of water 
(which is what your shoes will be the minute you step in a puddle)


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  1. aw I hope you guys continue your friendship in the future!! Lovely pictures btw :)
    xx janice

    Check out my new blogpost of my Autumn and Winter wishlist!

  2. Really enjoying that Spice Girl reference there.


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