Justina's Choice Thoughts From The Teen Choice Awards

 Lily Collins, seriously upping the ear game.

And now for the post everyone waits for after an awards show. 

1. Rebel Wilson in a wetsuit: best outfit of the night.
2. Is Chord Overstreet trying to be Matt Smith right now with that hair?
3. Palm trees are weird looking and do not belong on clothing.
 *cough* Bella Thorne *cough*
4."Stay Sexy."
5.  Hailee Steinfeld is the only celebrity I never worry about. That girl's got serious dress game.
5. When they just handed Miley that trendsetter award, 
she was like "Candies who? This is Saint Laurent baby."
6. Pleather leggings work for no one Demi.
7. Even after all this time, I'm still into Hayley Williams hair color.
8. Slow clap for Lea Michele.
10. Why am I not hosting this?

I found myself wishing slime were involved with this show.

splat on the onesies.


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  1. I think Bella Thorne looked beautiful in palm trees. She had some guts to wear that!And you're right Chord sooo looked like Matt with that hair!

  2. Just came across your blog and it's so lovely! :)

    Great post, looking forward to reading your next one.

    Now following! :)

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    Thank you :) xoxo


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