Hannah Montana Forever

I will never not love Miley Cyrus
or Laura Brown, but this is not her article 

You have all been subjected to my many Hannah Montana refrences, 
my love/hate/love relationship with her hair, 
and if you see me on a day to day basis, 
my singing "we can't stop" any time someone tells me to stop.

I just adore how she's never anyone but who she wants to be.
 She does what she does, and never apologizes for doing it,
 unless she feels it somehow affected someone negatively. 
Even then, she apologizes for it making you feel that way, not for doing it. 
That's a quality I think more people need to have. 

Be who you are and say what you feel, cause somebody loves ya

miley cyrus x dr suess level zen

And she can work Valentino.

More people should be Miley Cyrus.


ps. I want a wind machine. Can you imagine?

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