That oufit is just asking for slime.

Ok, so normally I would NEVER write about the Kids Choice Awards, for the same reason I never write about the MTV Music Awards. They kinda freak me out. That neon orange carpet, green slime everywhere..yeargh. And plus, they aren't very fashionable.  But this year, I am making an exception, because there is some credit that must be given. So lets talk about what the birds were wearing, shall we?
 2012 Kids Choice Awards 
Katy Perry
This could have been cute if the skirt matched the top and shoes, and if that ..whatever it is on her head was melted down into some chunky bracelets.

2012 Kids Choice Awards
 Selena Gomez
 I did not like this outfit. I'm sorry, but there was just too much going on, and that belt is awkward, and the shoes don't match any of it. Plus, her eye makeup looks like someone punched her. Not one of your best moments Selena..

2012 Kids Choice Awards 
Kristen Stewart
I am not a fan of Kristen Stewart, her movies, or the way she usually dresses on the red carpet, but she actually managed to pull it together and shape up this time. No complaints.

2012 Kids Choice Awards 
Emma Stone
Oh Emma. Emma, Emma, Emma. WHY!?!? WHY would go blond again!?!?! I just..can't. Blond makes her look so...washed out. And this outfit is not helping. Red hair back please. 

2012 Kids Choice Awards 
 Madison Pettis
Right. Ok, let's talk about this outfit. Or specifically, lets talk about all the things I DON'T like about it. What you are looking at is a 13 year old girl. What she looks like is a  25 year old. This dress is too tight, not age appropriate, and too short. The rest of this..ensemble is just accomplice to the crime. Normally, I love Madison. And I'm not a prude when it comes to clothes. But this really just isn't classy.

2012 Kids Choice Awards 
Sarah Hyland
And here we have a reverse problem. This is a 20 year old who looks twelve. Sarah is so pretty, and I actually like this dress, but that hair is killing me.

2012 Kids Choice Awards
Victoria Justice
This one has potential to be a great outfit, but I'm not sure about those shoes. I probably would have gone towards cute flats. And what is up with everyone and the flat hair?

2012 Kids Choice Awards 
Jennifer Stone
I genuinely like this outfit. I might have had solid orange shoes rather than..um..alligator skin? But it does work here, so yay for Jennifer!

2012 Kids Choice Awards 
Keke Palmer
Uh...no. Someone lose their prom dress?
Points for the ah-mahzing hair though.

2012 Kids Choice Awards 
Isabelle Fuhrman
I run the risk of sounding like a broken iPod, but I love everything here but the shoes. And I only dislike them a little bit. For her first time, she did a brilliant job.

2012 Kids Choice Awards
 Willow Shields and Amandla Stenberg
What you are looking at is two 13 year olds. What they look like is two 13 year olds. I commend them for dressing their age, (Remember Madison?) and looking fabulous while doing it. Amandla's dress and shoes were gorgeous (as always), and Willow just looks so cute!

2012 Kids Choice Awards
Ariel Winter
 Another beautiful girl, in a beautiful, (AGE APPROPRIATE) dress. Nothing to say but sunshine.

Gracie Dzienny

So, this one was a bit short for my taste, but Gracie pulled it off AND IT WAS SPARKLY!!! I even like the shoes! I can't wait to see her on a red carpet..

2012 Kids Choice Awards 
Miranda Cosgrove
 What am I even supposed to do with this? It's SHINY. and she's wearing WELLINGTONS. 

So anyway, the whole point of this was for me to tell you that not dressing your age makes you look silly. And to not wear wellingtons. Or prom dresses. 

Even if you ARE about to get covered in slime.


p.s. I know it's really dorky to admit this, but I get excited when y'all write comments. Keep it up.  

p.p.s Thank you to yahoo for the photos.


  1. I like Miranda's dress. The shininess is okay because it's leather. But i hate the hair, make-up, shoes, and she needed to accessorize.

  2. Hey there Justina!

    This post made me honestly laugh for at least 10 minutes straight. One of my best friends and I were just Skypeing last night and these pictures were one of the many things we discussed.
    Your commentary matches ours EXACTLY!
    How funny is that??

    I'm definitely going to have to show her this post so we can laugh about it together!!


  3. I love ariel winter! Your comments for each outfit is so funny.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. My favorite was selena!
    She was amazing!

  5. So many kids trying to look older and older women trying to dress like kids. sigh. :) Anyway, Kristen looked nice and I liked Emma's dress too but I agree, I wish she goes back to being a red head :D


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