Pink a boo, I see you

sweater: asos|earrings: c.o stella&bow|necklace:c.o eclectic eccentricities

pink and purple, pink and purple, pink and purple, pink and purple

Sometimes, my hair just gets it right

Then my nails looked like they were matched to my sweater by fashion angels,
 and my eyeliner looks good 
and it's just a really good day.
I found out Rex and I are in an ad for Don't Feed The Bears in Company Magazine UK (can someone pick me up a copy of that?) and got to have possibly the greatest conversation I've ever held with Laura Brown (look here soon for the sum of that). And that all went down before 10 am.


I'm making "skiddly" a thing. If Eloise can say it, so can I.

How do you guys feel about more beauty (obviously I'm always a beauty but y'know what I mean) posts rather than those spaz shots we call outfit posts?
I'm off, spending the weekend in a forest full of fairies.


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  1. great post! I love your sweater :)
    <3 chloe-anna

  2. Very cute sweater, it's way too hot over here for that outfit though!



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