Your music might kill me though

 This is my jam.

I ahhhhdore Fitzgerald, but am still rather unclear on my feelings about The Great Gatsby.
I mean, gorgeous technicolor shooting with beautiful original costumes, (there's nothing sexy like excess) but all the people in them seem a bit...sad. In a boring way, not a ooh this could be rather interesting in a Lana Del Rey music video way.

Speaking of the music,  I am still not talking to Beyonce ever since that horrendous and tragic excuse of a cover of "Back To Black" they dared to put in this film came to light. I can't even deal with that.

Justina rule #21: Don't disrespect the Amy



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  1. oooh so excited for the great gatsby...i loved the book so much <3


  2. I love your blog and style so much and your witty opinions make it even better!
    But, to be honest I actually didn't mind the song... I am a die hard Amy fan and I agree that the original is 10 times better but, I can also appreciate the Great Gatsby's version also.




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