Rose Girl

dress+ shoes: thrifted|tote c.o souve|bracelet c.o hippe hebbdingjetes

Just nobody tell my neighbors I touched their roses, ok?

or their grass.

They'll go stark bonking raving mad. 

I mean, as much as they can without talking to me or looking directly at me.

but gosh aren't their roses pretty?

I feel like they secretly feed them pixie dust or something.

Pretty flowers make me really happy. 
And so does this dress and my space buns and my really comfy clogs (not crocs, never crocs) and my brilliant tote which I always have to explain to people but that's ok because I'm just happy

I like that clothes have that power. You put them on, and you just feel. 

god that sounded so tumblr but whateverrrrr

Whats new with you guys? I feel like we should be having better conversations or something. 

Let's go get a milkshake. 
Or, y'know, I can go get a milkshake and instagram it and you can visually enjoy it.

 21st century technology y'all.


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  1. awesome post :) I love ur dress!
    <3 chloe-anna

  2. This post is why you are one of my favorite bloggers

  3. milkshakes? Im in! wonderful post as always :)

  4. Love your dress, very pretty. I'm your newest follower. xx

  5. your dress is so pretty, love how it matches the roses' color!!


  6. Love your dress



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