Pink Lay

 sweater*asos| watch*casio via asos|shoes*c.o lulu*s|clutch*c.o alexandra king

 I don't like flatlays.

You may find this curious, as I have just posted one,
 but I just always felt like clothes look better on people than they do on sheets.


In flatlays, you are able to just put all the pretty things together without 
worrying about bothersome things like pants. 

In flatlay land, an outfit can just be a sweater and gorgeous accessories.
 (that's really how it ought to be everywhere)

My clutch is my baby, as evidenced by the amount of photos of it I posted to various social media oulets last night along with the line "Who needs children when you can have beautiful clothes?".

Valentino feels me brah

I absolutely adore my new watch. It's just. so. pink.

My mum saw it and said "We had those in the 90's"

Which basically means I'm totally on trend, right?


This sweater is softer than a llama butt. 

I can vouch for that first hand. 


I got 99 problems but not having ever touched a llama butt ain't one. 


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  1. OOOOOOOOHrange ;)

  2. Those shoes!


  3. you are the definition of cute, what an angel! love your style, following! oh my your blog just makes me smile :) x


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