It's Too Hot For This

dress: c/o 50 dresses| mint flats c/o lulu*s| earrings c/o hippe hebbedingjetes | sunnies: c/o zerouv

I am not even kidding, this weather is ridiculous. 
Dear California, it's March, put a cloud on.
I had to jump up and down like a crazy person (or, you know, me) to create a semblance of a breeze because I was melting. 
 The jacket is really just a symbol of the suffering I am forced to go through in the name of fashion. 
and it's sort of a nice way to dress down a bit of a formalish dress
 (wow, that was a really non-committal sentence.)

 I LOVE these earrings. I usually avoid dangly or sticky outty earrings because, hello, hair. 
But these are just so pink and fun I couldn't help myself. 
Hence me swinging my head back and forth like my name is Quentina. 

 So remember how I was moaning on about how we had this whole situation with the computers and so on? Well we got a new Macbook and I was like
But no.
 The universe was having one over on us.
 It wouldn't turn on.
 Do you know what the odds are of getting a brand new Macbook that is broken are?
 Basically 1/3764893649038749384938 to the power of ten. 
Aka, perfect odds for it to happen to me.

 I just...can't.

 But, alas, Apple has not completely forsaken us. They're fixing it like the nice computer people they are, and when it is back, we (you and I) will be crossing into a new frontier....

*frontier music plays*

Yes, I'm  putting my perpetually late self on that wagon. 

Because you are the ones that will (hopefully? pretty please) be watching my videos,
 I want your ideas. (gimmegimmegimme)

 And you know, because I love you, prizes for the idea I use in my first video. 

The Harries twins are way too pretty.
Also, Tyler Oakley is going to be my cause of death, I just know it.

Hard to breathe when you're laughing so hard.


 ps. check out this months sponsor, ManEater!
They sell a little bit of everything fabulous, all of it California cool!

pps. photos from my Teen Vogue It Girls Night In Party soon!! 

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  1. As you are complaining about the sun, I am complaining about the snow! All I want is for spring to finally arrive, but no, it snowed today! East Coast problems.... Anyways, love the dress:)

  2. the last pic is amazing!!

    new post in my blog!

  3. I have to say the same thing about the sun. It's so hot right now here in the Philippines. Anyway, you look so cute in your photos! Love that dress on you!

    XO, Mish @ LBD and Onesies

  4. OMG this HArries and Tyler Oakley! What is the name of your channel?


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