In The Name Of Pants

 Cigarette Bloom Pant

 pants: stylegodis

I really like pants. 

I have very specific pant requirements, and after a discussion I had today about why I only own two pairs of jeans and no shorts,  I felt like I needed to explain them to you.

1. The pants must be cute. 
See the above pants.
2. The pants must fit properly. 
No matter how great your butt is, I don't need to be able to see THAT much of it.
3. The pants must be interesting to look at. 
aka no beige pleats.
 4. The pants should be flattering. 
Kind of goes back to #2.
5. The pants should have pockets.

#5 is seriously one of my biggest issues with everything. 
For some reason, people have decided that beautiful clothing doesn't actually need to be functional, and so they never have pockets. I have things I need to put in pockets!

Incase you were really curious, I only have two pairs of jeans because both pairs fit really well, 
so why do I need more? 
No shorts because..well...shorts. I just don't like them.

So there you have it. 

 Note to all future designers: add pockets.


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  1. I totes feel you on the pockets...super essential. I only own one pair of really good jeans and it's all I need! Love these with the floral print though, very cute!


  2. besides not having pockets i think the pockets need to big enough.


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