Ran Away With The Circus, and Got Myself A Bear

tee: c/o don't feed the bears| pants: aero via teen vogue| 
sneakers c/o burnetie shoes| sunnies c/o zerouv 

Meet my bear.

His name is Rex, and he is actually a Longhaired German Shepard/floor pillow. 

When Don't Feed The Bears sent me this awesome shirt (it's soft, it's purple, and it has a bear eating popcorn on it. It doesn't get better than that.), it made me think of my dog, because I'm constantly telling people not to feed him things, but then he just takes it. 

Silly dog.

This outfit is perfect for bear wrangling though.

It also fulfills my elementary school outfit color mixes of pink and purple.

As you can see, I've gotten super attached to these sunnies.
As I learned today, they protect you from not only the sun, 
but surprise dog kisses that smear your eyeliner.

He does it on purpose.

I know he does.


ps. check out this amazing article written by Kim Tranell for Scholastic Choices magazine about me + some other really cool people (you know you recognize all that metallic)

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  1. your dog is so cute. :)

  2. What an adorable dog! I'm far away from my dogs right now this makes me miss them a ton.

  3. Your German Shepard is super cute, we have a mix but he's mostly Shepard but he's only half the size :P

  4. I read an article about your blog! I instantly fell in love with ur blog!!!

  5. Aw such a cute outfit! And dog haha.



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