You Don't Even Go Here

(Jacket: Vintage|Jumper: J. Jill|Leggings:c/o Romwe)

According to my Mum, who is nearly always right, this is a "Members Only" jacket.
Members of what, I'll never know.
I just call it "That really warm perfect jacket you didn't want me to buy."
It has a ring to it, don't you think?

It's lined with sherpa type, and the outside is wool. I could probably go through a snow storm without a shiver. Not that I'd ever have to, as today was the coolest it's gotten all winter, at 55 degrees, but I can dream right?
I found it on what I call the "reject vintage" rack at my favorite thrift shop, for $4.99. 
I never figured out why it was there.
 It's got loads of pockets, it's warm, and it just looks really cool.
Whatever, someones loss.
Not mine.

 I really like this nail polish color.
It reminds me of cookie monster.

I should go make some.

Right now.

But first, let us rejoice, for Downton Abbey has returned.



 the reason I am avoiding showing you guys my entire face is due to the fact that I spent a couple of days at my best friends house, and we didn't actually do the whole "sleeping" thing, so I look a touch on the dead side.

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  1. woooop downtown abbey! I'm so jealous of that jacket you have no idea. come to colorado if you want a snowstorm! xx

  2. I'm about to watch the Season 3 premiere of "Downton Abbey" right now with my Gran! I am so excited!!! :D

    Keep posting great stuff!



  3. that jacket is so different and amazing! and ahh the Downton premiere was so good!

  4. Downtown Abbey! Life has returned.

  5. Lovely jacket!


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