Gum Chewers Anonymous

Hi, my name is Justina, and I'm kinda an obsessive gum chewer.

I'll admit it, I was seriously thinking "Hmmmm" when I was contacted by Stride to test out their new gum, i-D. 
It's not they they were sketchy, or that I don't know anything about gum (let me tell you, I know quite a bit) but I was trying to process A. How you guys would feel about me telling you about gum, and B. How Wrigleys would feel about me defecting and C. If I was willing to chew gum that didn't have Grace Coddington on the cover
But then the gum arrived, and let me just put it like this:


 The packages are covered in art done by young artists, 
which the arty urban outfitters customer in me appreciates.
 There's a whole thought process behind the gum, in that they want to send a message that you can be kinda one thing or another. Like I'm kinda a Justina and kinda a magical unicorn. 
You know, standard hybrid. 
Or rather, kinda a fashion blogger, and kinda a sci fi geek.
(I'm that too.)
 I liked it.

 and it tastes amazing. Peppermint is my flavor of choice, but I tested it out equally on my guinea pi-er, friends, and they agreed that all the flavors are crazy good. We also found out that you could chew a piece for 45 minutes - while rollerskating - and still taste it. So, you know, that's awesome.

I want to use this as an opportunity to remind you guys of something.
 I promised you when I first started blogging that I'd never put anything on this blog that I didn't love, and that still holds. 
There isn't enough money or glitter in the world that could make me sell your trust.
 When I say it's good, I thought it was good. 
I say back away and keep it at a ten yard radius, that's because that is what I'm doing.
 I just wanted to let you know.


Also, when you attempt to make hair bows out of the shiny wrappers, which you obviously will, 
make sure your brother hasn't put gum on the insides.

Just FYI.


you already guessed this, but this is a sponsored post.

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