Cheers To The Best

Photo: Birthday face.
 I know I have never done this, but that's why I'm doing it now. 

Today, we say/sing/shout at the top of our lungs Happy Birthday to someone I personally adore, Nusardel.
 I was going to write a super long, sappy, over the top, very embarrassing post on his facebook timeline outlining all the reasons he is so fabulous, but felt like this was better.
 also, it would have taken me ages and my fingers can't handle that with this ridiculous cold.

I joke, it doesn't get cold here.

What can I say. 

Without him, I wouldn't be able to be my fabulous self. 
This is funny because I know there was a time pre-Nusardel life invasion, 
and I was probably fabulous then, but I don't remember, so we'll never know.

Stuff I love about Nusardel:
He's an original Wolf Pack member.
He's my cosmic twin, found through some rather interesting twitter stalking. 
 He gets it when I drop random Mean Girls/Pitch Perfect/Suburgatory quotes.
 He's always up for a game of "Chloe, Dalia and Regina George." 
He says things so funny I actually have fallen off whatever I was sitting on. Twice. 
He's Australian, for heavens sake.

He's a pre-tty cool cat.

 So whatever it is you're doing while reading this- hey, you with the cell phone, shut it- take a moment and mentally wish him a happy 15th. 

Then go watch an episode of Don't Trust The B in Apt 23.

A bit of wisdom from Google:

"Birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more cake."

Amen, clap clap.


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  1. I'd have put this on Facebook too, but in the spirit of keeping things public I'll just be a copycat (or just blame it on the cosmic twin thing)...

    Firstly, you're the best because you understand my need to take horrible photos of myself then have them circulate the Internet. I'll never be able to get a real job at this rate.

    Secondly, you've dedicated a post to me and for that I owe you my life.

    Thirdly, you're just so fetch, and I'm allowed to try and make fetch happen.

    Fourthly (do people normally go this far?), I'm actually jealous of your fabulous-ness, so perhaps you should stop being fabulous c/o me and maybe we should reverse it up a little for a change..

    And finally: Justina darling, I screwed your fiancee on your birthday cake... and I'm going to be late with my half of the rent.


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