On The Forth Day Of Christmas....

And I bet Cambria is surprised, because she won the leggings! Woo.

But don't despair, the best is here.

My fourth and final prize is.....

 well, I'm not telling you that, otherwise it wouldn't be a surprise, would it?

You'll get a package/envelope/ ice cream carton (not giving anything away) with a surprise special from me.

Suspense initiated. Again.

You want it.

The rules (like you don't know them by now.):

1. Follow A Bent Piece Of Wire via GFC.

2. Comment with your email + the best Christmas/Hanukkah/ Insert Your Preferred Winter Holiday Here gift you've ever gotten.

Ho-ho-ho, last call for presents!


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  1. Physical object? My camera :)
    Actual favorite gift? Trip to morocco for two weeks last Christmas! <3



  2. henaabbas@hotmail.com

    well we don't celebrate christmas but we celebrated our 5 year anniversary last week and my husband surprised my with diamond earrings.. I think that wins as the best gift of all gifts :)


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