Justina x Rose

  For more details on Rose + her life, click here.

Meet Rose, one of the very few people who I will excuse wearing Uggs.

She is also in training at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow, Russia.

 She's now a friend, but was originally a friend of a friend. I was stalking her instagram feed (Russia is sort of an obsession of mine.), and it didn't actually click with me that she was going to Russia to train at the Bolshoi until I recognized the carpet in one of her photos. Yup, the carpet, how iconic. Anyway, at that point, I had to know more.

Whats in your ballet bag right now? 

Pointe shoes, soft shoes, foam roller (can't live without it), tennis ball, bio freeze, perfume, gum, stitch kit, skirt, sweater (to keep my back warm).

 Describe a typical (I use typical for lack of a better word, there's nothing typical about this.) day for you at the Academy. 

I wake up at seven, warm up until eight, have classes till six with a hour lunch break in the middle. Then I go out for a little, then I come back to do homework and stretch till eleven.

Do you feel that ballet, has influenced your personal style? Has moving to Russia evolved this as well? 

Ballet has a lot of sparkles involved. I'd say that's what's mostly in my closet haha. As for Russia, definitely. I'm from California so I don't have to dress practical. But because of the weather in Moscow you have to. Lots of scarfs, leather, fur and accessories

What do you do in your free time for fun?

 I'm always ready for some coffee with my friends! Starbucks for life. Walking around at night, shopping at ГУМ (GOOM) in Red Square. Recently my friends and I started watching "Gossip Girl" from the beginning. So addicting, haha.

 What's it like being Rose

Living each day to the fullest! I'll never forget how lucky I am to have these opportunities! It's only up from here! My dream is to graduate from the academy and dance for the Bolshoi Ballet Company.

Follow Rose's adventure on Instagram @rosekathryn8. She seriously has one of the greatest feeds. To learn more about the Bolshoi, click this.

Fun Fact: I've flunked ballet three times. 


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  1. love the post about your friend


  2. haha, you're right too many people wearing Uggs!
    Nice picture (:


  3. love it!



  4. Very cute post. Caught my eye because I was a ballet dancer.
    Pas de chat ma cherie!

  5. She's beautiful! And this interview is so cool, I've always had a lot of respect for balletdancers.

    xo Sootjeelina

  6. Haha sweet mini-interview c:
    I love how passionate and
    elegant balletdancers are!


  7. She;s cute!

    xo Jennifer


  8. Oh wow, she's living every little girl's dream! I'm kind of in awe of her and other ballet dancers, I don't think I could ever train at something with such dedication xxx

  9. I danced for about 10 years my teacher was from the bolshoi ballet school that place is kind of iconic for me and I know that the best of the best can only get in she should be rediculously proud to be in the the academy because they produce some of the best and most iconic ballet dancers on earth

  10. Wow, Rose is living every little girl's dream! I love the photo of her that you featured at the beginning of the post, it sums up her personality so well... not to mention that she's totally adorable :)

  11. I love ballet, my mother was a pro when she was young.
    Like the location where the picture is taken!

  12. I love how you recognised the carpet! I think you'd have to forgive anyone in russia for wearing uggs, unacceptable anywhere else though! seriously good post :)


    Rose xo

  13. What a lovely post!!! You are pretty :)


    A chic kiss ;)


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