Friends Help Friends Stand Out


 (This photo has literally nothing to do with either giveaway, but everything to do with the title. Tumblr.)

 And that's what I'm going to do for you, because we're friends, right?

So lets get some new stuff in your closet. 

A'muse Me Boutiqe sell stunning vintage inspired clothing and jewelry, (you've actually seen me wearing one of their pieces) and now you get a bit of your own.


The Company: A'muse Me Boutique

The Prize: Your choice of their vintage inspired jewelry.

Step The First: Follow A Bent Piece Of Wire via GFC or Bloglovin' 

 Like A'Muse Me Boutique on Facebook & comment on their wall with "Justina".
Cool your heels (I've always wanted to say that) and...wait. The contest closes in a week, and one of you will get a pretty gorgeous piece of jewelry...OF YOUR CHOICE. That's right.
(Please don't spam their wall, it's rather annoying, 
and I would have to disqualify you, which would be sad.)


We've had the "I'm basically British in my head" conversation. But the conversation we haven't had is how much I love my British readers for consistently reading, commenting, and tweeting. I feel like I need to make up for that, so in honor of my largest readership this month coming from over the pond, I have a special giveaway just for them. 

If you are like me, you are practically broke, and also have a phobia of  anyone seeing you in the same dress at a party that you wore to the party last weekend. That's where The Shortcut comes in. You can rent a really gorgeous dress from them for the weekend, then send it back, no pain. 
Sounds fun, doesn't it?


The Company: The Shortcut.

The Prize: You get to choose the dress, then a free weekend rental from The Shortcut, free delivery + returns, for you to use any time within six months of winning.

How it works:

Follow Step The First.

Find a dress that you love.
(You know you've got loads in your Topshop wishlist.)

Comment with a link to the dress, your name, and  your email.

In a week, I'll choose a winner randomly, then The Shortcut will order it, and you will get a free rental, to be used on your dress, or any one of their other lovely dresses.
 (Open to anyone in England.)

 Are you excited? I'm excited.

Let's start winning like Charlie Sheen.

 Except without the general Charlie Sheen-ness.


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  1. Great!!! Too bad im not from england. :)



  2. That dress is amazing!



  3. Nice post, thank you for share)
    Have a happy time!

    Best wishes, Alex

  4. This is great! Fantastic post!


    Grace Elizabeth


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