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  #teenvogue dress: c/o Sugarlips sunnies: ray ban shoes: europe bracelets: randomness

(Why I spelled kat with a k, I couldn't say. Maybe I've been watching too much Keeping Up With The Kardashians.)

Admit it, you have some leopard print hidden in your closet. 
It's nothing to be ashamed of.
Well, depending on what form that leopard print takes, because
only Sofia Vergara can pull off that shirt
But I think that dress works it, don't you? Other than it not being the average tan/black, it's really versatile. I can wear it with converse, heels, or espadrilles.
 Which is good because I have serious shoe issues in the morning and generally just blind grab a pair to save myself the argument with mum when I get to the car and WHOA I CAN NOT WEAR THESE WHAT MUM LET ME BACK IN THE HOUSE NOW I DON'T CARE IF WE'RE LATE.
 So you can see why it matching everything is good.

But really, I LOVE THIS DRESS. 

That's all.



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  1. Adore that dress. perfect print

  2. I hate to contradict you, but I actually don't have any leopard print. And I've realized that I really must get some. But anywho, I like your dress. ^.^

  3. This dress is so cute!! The leopard print is awesome and the shape of it looks amazing on you =D And yes, I do have some leopard print in my closet haha, shoes and tights!!
    Following you now =D

  4. The leopard print on this dress definitely works - red and purple is such an unexpected set of colours for leopard print, it isn't even immedaitely obvious that's the print you're looking at... makes it that much more fun when you realise ;)

  5. that color is beautiful on your skin!


  6. Pretty dress, I love the little cutout in the back. :)


  7. I have a quick question, Is the background on the leopard print black or dark blue? I am sorry I have to even ask this, but I want to know really bad (if I didn't I probably would not have asked the question... :D) I also think that dress would look adorable with a belt... Maybe something shiny?


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