Justina x P'Trique

(Oh how chic!)

How totes amaze is this. An interview with P'Trique C'est Chic, of Sh*t Fashion Girls Say fame. 
P'Triques videos are sometimes all that keep me from throwing my laptop at the the wall after a particularly hard day of browsing Style.com.
We all know the signature hashtags, 
but I wanted to find out what was going on beneath the bangs...

Justina: You’ve mentioned you love vintage. What trend from the past are you hoping will make a comeback?
P'Trique: Ever since I saw Julia Frauche rocking the high-necked, hand-embroidered, floral-accented minidress dream in the Balmain F/W 2012 collection, I've been banking on a full baroque revival. I want to feel like I'm swathed in a super chic set of drapes from Versailles on a Saturday night.

J: No matter the season, what can we always expect to find in your closet? 
P: A Chloe multi-season jacket, YSL Mohawk heels, and Spanx. (yes, hard to believe, even I wear them sometimes).

J:We know you love Lana Del Ray, but what other artists are you really into right now?

P:Azealia Banks, Chappo, Dragonette, and Pierre Sandwidi are all getting a lot of playtime these days.

J:You always have the most ah-mahzing bags. What’s in today's right now?
P:Today, I am carrying my Proenza Schouler camera case bag in teal. There's obviously no camera in it (who needs one when you have an iPhone?) but there are my standard beauty essentials (Evian aerosal mister, lipgloss, etc.), my Pinkberry stampcard (I'm one away from a free yogurt), a spare pair of Loubs (in case the red soles of the ones I'm wearing get too scuffed), and, of course, my lucky lock of Lagerfeld hair that was gifted to me years ago by Daphne Guinness. I never questioned how she acquired it, but it is one of my most prized possessions.

J: What’s it like being P’Trique?

P: It's really no different than being anyone else except for the closet, the fame, and the enviable rolodex (some would call my contacts celebrities and tastemakers, I just call them friends).

So there you have it. In order to be a tastemaker, you simply MUST have a pinkberry card and a lock of Karls immovable hair.

Find P'Trique on Youtube and follow her on twitter.
(Don't worry, she isn't one of those people who links her instagram to her twitter and facebook, 
like, um, *cough* me.)


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