Sunshine Is Annoying Sometimes

#teenvogue romper: c/o kiwilook shoes: converse sunnies: forever 21

I'm one of those funny people who doesn't have any life to be spoken of for like, ever, then has a REALLY SUPER BUSY life for three weeks straight, and consequently, for those three weeks, I am a very bad blogger.  This is what is happening. Last weekend, homeschooling conference. Tomorrow morning at 5:30 (I know, who gets up the early? No one.) I am flying away on an actual airplane. For four days. 

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's talk about this romper. 

IT'S AMAZING. And it showed up on my doorstep shrouded in mystery, which we all know is the best way for packages to arrive. The bright print is straight up my style, and it's nice and light, which is perfect because it appears that the sun has decided to ONLY SHINE ON CALIFORNIA ALL THE TIME and it's 105 degrees outside.

Isn't that just lovely?

It isn't.

Because of that oppressive heat, I only took two pictures. 
As you can see, I am facing away from the sun both, and falling over. Fabulous.  

To kick off the traveling festivities though, tomorrow there will be a post about the stuff I stuff-er, pack that is, in my really awesome vintage pan am carry on.

So be on the lookout for that. 


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  1. Love it, can't wait to see what you do next! Come check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other!
    Material Fixations

  2. Love the romper. It's super duper cute xo



  3. Such a cute playsuit x


  4. Be careful what you wish for when it comes to the weather, pretty soon it will be fall, and then *gasp* winter!

  5. beautiful look !

  6. You look so gorge and I love that playsuit :)


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