I'M the boss, and YOU'RE boring.

So do you all remember how I was trying to figure out what my role in the fashion world is? I figured it out. I am going to be the next Barbara Walters, if Barbara Walters had been the spirit daughter of Betsey Johnson and James Dean, who'd been dropped on her head in a puddle of glitter, then raised by Ellen and Anna Wintour. Just FYI.

But onwards and upwards and sideways, as they say. I want to talk about Anna. This is a subject I can ramble on for years about. She's been called "a Holy Terror" and a "Style Dictator", and my personal favorite, "Darth Vader in A Frock". I think she's brilliant. So she doesn't smile a lot, and yes, she's brutally honest. But the woman oversees the Met ball, brought us John Galliano,  and is the EDITOR IN CHIEF OF VOGUE. Plus, a fashion how just can't be taken seriously unless she's in their front row.  I count her as one of my biggest inspirations. There's actually this GIANT picture of her in my lookbook.

ANYWAY, I was really excited when I heard she was going to be on 60 Minutes, but then really sad when I found out it was on at the same time as the Superbowl. I actually just watched it today, and wasn't disappointed. The episode covers three inspiring women, Dolly Parton, Meryl Streep, and of course, Anna Wintour. I wanted to share :) The highlight is Anna, but I recommend watching the other two womens sections as well. They are all considered the BEST at what they do.

Feeling inspired yet?

p.s. if you're wondering where the title for this post came from, watch the Anna Wintour bit again.

p.p.s. Before you ask: I'm going to do a post next week of all my favorite bit's and pieces from all the NYFW shows :)


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