"- And everything we do tonight's gonna be sexy."

"Who are you wearing?"

Who CARES what you're nominated for, all we want to know is where that dress came from. I am still of the firm opinion that Oscars should be awarded for Best Dressed On The Red Carpet. But maybe not. I mean, then Angelina would win every year, and no one would have a shot. As one over-excited little reporter put it "Angelina and Brad could never act again and they'd still be  invited to every award show there is just so they could sit there and look good." Truth. Moving on.

                 And the nominees for Best Dressed At The Academy Awards Are.....

       Cameron Diaz

 Cameron kept it simple, elegant, and classy in Gucci, and looked gorgeous. Especially when she was presenting with that train wreck otherwise known as JLo (What was she doing there anyway???). 

Emma Stone
Emma's bringing glam back in this raspberry Giambattista Valli. I thought she looked stunning. However, her hair was a bit blah, and she's very pale. But when she got up on stage and was presenting, she owned it. 

Rooney Mara

Rooney was perfect. The red lip, the hair. It all showed off her stunning Givenchy dress beautifully. Not to mention that she just looked gorgeous.

I don't really know who should win. I mean, these are three very different styles. I have an idea.

Cameron Diaz - Best Dressed in a Classy And Natural Style

Emma Stone - Best Dressed in Brightest and Most Personality-Like Style

Rooney Mara - Best Dressed in a Most Effortless Style

There. I decided. :)


p.s. If you were wondering, the quote that this post is titled after was said on the red carpet yesterday by Sandra Bullock, who was  (*cries a little*) not included on this list because she was wearing a Marchesa monstrosity.

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