I'm in love..with this lip thing.

Bonjour Mon Cheries...

I hate lipgloss. I really do. It's sticky, clunky, and all around nasty to have on your lips. No Longer! ( I know I sound like a bad advert, bear with me.) For I have discovered EOS. Not iOS, EOS. Evolution Of Smooth. You know, the little egg shaped things you keep seeing in Teen Vogue.. I saw an ad, and decided today was the day. Time to face my fear (of nasty goopy icky lipgloss) and try it. Well, the first thing I noticed that this us not really a lip gloss, or a lip balm..it's a lip thing...:) and I love it. It makes my lips super soft, it's all natural, with 95% organic materials. Plus, it's shaped like a funny egg, and it's fun to play with. Which we all know is way more important.

Ok, that's all I have to say right now :)

Until Whenever,

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  1. Haha all my friends have that. I've kinda been curious, maybe now's the time for me to try it too :) I'll trust your judgement!


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