This blog is now a centaur. Or is it centaurian? Or is it neither?

Bonjour Mon Cheries!

So today is that day you all have been waiting for all day. It is the 100TH POST! And boy do i have some fun stuff for you. Lets get on with it, shall we?

1. A new style challenge! I'm making this one a bit longer. You have until THANKSGIVING, or November 24th for those international types, to enter as many sets as you can, using the mini editor on the" Style Challenge" tab. YOU MAY ONLY USE ITEMS FROM THE MINI EDITOR. DO NOT ADD ANY PIECES THAT ARE NOT ALREADY THERE. You all know the prizes (assuming my Tyra-On-ANTM-Right-Before-She-"-Ruins-Someones-Life-" voice)

"The Best Set will be featured on this blog, as well as on my tumblr, and the facebook page. Your set will also be posted with a link to your blog, on the "Style Challenge" page to inspire new winners ;)"

2. A GIVEAWAY!! WOOT WOOT!! I will be giving this FABBITY-FAB pre-loved (someone like me must have owned it before....) Paul Frank bag to some lucky person..... /abentpieceofwire

All you have to do is include a link to my blog in a blog post, tag me and a link in a tweet, or share on your Facebook page, tagging my FB page, and a link to my blog. It is very important with Twitter, facebook, etc, that you TAG ME. Otherwise it will not count. For every place you share, you will get an entry. After you have shared, simply comment on here with a link to each place you shared, so I can put your entries in. Also, include your email in the comment. because it would really suck if I couldn't contact you. :)

Well, a long time ago, I promised you guys that I would start doing some more stuff. So I am. I will now actually start using my Lookbook. AND, I am sticking my tentacles into makeup tutorials, and location videos and such ;) You can check out my first video at www.YouTube.com/abentpieceofwire

Phew, now I'm tired.. Let's hold off on these extravagant posts until the 100th, ok?? :) big things are going to be coming this season, so I suggest you invest in a soft pillow, a big closet, and a subscription to Teen Vogue.

Until Whenever,

P.S. Follow me on Instagram! Username: abentpieceofwire ;)

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  1. Such a cute bag! I love it!
    Check out my blog at TheLaceFiles.blogspot.com if you like :)

    Thanks! xoxo Eva


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