6.Hot Couture

Bonjour mon cheries!
Happy turkey day!

Today (or yesterday, or last week, or three months ago, depending on when you are reading this and where you are) is the day we Americans are thankful, stuff ourselves with food, then have dessert, then have some more food, which probably isn't that good for us :) Following this glorious meal, we proceed to take a quick nap, then wake up at 1 am to go shopping. Thats right. 1 AM! Even earlier for most folks....and while we are standing in line, waiting to get into a store for something we most likely don't even need, we will be wearing the only kind of clothing we own that will stretch to the proportions we will need it too, keep us warm, and still look reasonably good. And unless you are Sue Sylvester, you probably only wear this outfit once, twice max, a year. So what is this ubiquitous outfit? The sweat/tracksuit. Thats right. TRAAAAAAAACKsuit. I don't even own one. I have a two-sizes-too-big-keeps-me-warm-and-cozy sweatshirt. It is, along with a pair of jeans, my its-too-early-to-bother-getting-dressed-in-real-clothes outfit. Yup, we got up THAT early last year :)

 Anywhoo, here are some beautiful, comfortable track/sweatsuits, courtesy of style.com. Check it out :
Sweatshirts-jenni jacket long sleeve hooded zip up sweatshirt
Jenni Jacket, Long Sleeve Hooded Zip Up Sweatshirt

Tracksuits-juicy couture velour bow bling hoodie in oxblood
Juicy Couture Velour Bow Bling Hoodie in Oxblood
Juicy Couture

Goldsign Jeans sweatshirts-goldsign jeans lotus overcast sweatshirt

GoldSign Jeans Lotus Overcast Sweatshirt
GoldSign Jeans
 So tomorrow, when you pull out your "comfy clothing" keep these in mind. And maybe, just maybe, when you are standing in line, you'll see one of these on the rack....

                    Until Whenever,


PS. I ( obviously) HAVE returned from mission! Unfortunately, I was not able to complete it. It has been filed as "Incomplete, ongoing" with the FBI. You can check the status of this (and all others) mission on my "missions" page to the right!

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  1. god i want to KILL the juicy couture tracksuit.
    i've never been a fan of "loungewear," but to each his own!


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