7.Look of the minute: Military

Bonjour mon cheries!

Part of my daily routine is checking various websites to check out the latest trends and styles, things I've missed during my people-watching :)

 One trend that has steadily been on the trend list is "Military". When I searched it I pulled up allll kinds of gorgeous clothing. Here are some images, courtesy of Style.com :

FRYE Women's Owen Crepe Tall Boot
$298.00 – Endless.com 
Bird by Juicy Couture Taylor cotton military jacket
$600.00 $420.00 – Net-A-Porter 
Walter Silk military playsuit
$198.00 $69.30 – theOutnet 
Double Breasted Wool Coat
$1,595.00 $1,099.00 – Burberry 
Ultimate Military Camel Flannel Cape
$190.00 – Topshop 
and well, you get the idea :) 

So is this a fashion you could enlist in?

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