5.Everyday fashion at the Park

Parks are very inspirational places. In the fall, the trees are cool colors. In the winter, everything feels...winterish. In the spring, you can hear the happy sounds of the first games of the season. In the summer, well, it just..is.

I go to the park with a group every week. This week, I sort of ..sprang a photo shoot on them. By not warning any of them I would be wielding a camera, I caught them wearing what they felt comfortable in. I find that this is how you can predict the upcoming trends. I had my "models" ( Very cooperative friends, I love them :D) pose up on the "castle" (playgrounds) balcony..then I shouted "Look up! Search for the rain fairy!" (It was a cold, wet, rainy day) if you look closely at their faces, you can see which ones "saw the rain fairy"..

So now I am sure you are wondering, "What trend did she discover?" look at the pictures and see if you can figure it out. If not, just scroll to the bottom, where I spill the proverbial beans.
  Oh yeah, Madison is seeing the rain fairy.. :)
 No, the floor of the "balcony" is not a trampoline, Mariana simply has "bounce-ibility" :)

Geez, I look really tall in this pic...I am only 5'6...

And this last photo they asked me to share with you, because, well, they think it shows my "essence"..Load of rubbish, I think they just think it is a funny picture of me....

This is me before our  "photo shoot", telling them NOT to take a picture of me....

Anywho, as you can see in the first two photos, the "look" I found was..comfortable. Hoodies, generic t-shirts, skinny jeans and converse.  I am wearing an Aeropostale sweater ($9.99 thrift store find, brand new, still had tags), green layer shirt, Old Navy boot cut jeans, and (the ever-present) sparkly converse.
 Funnily enough, when I showed up at at the park, all but two of the girls were wearing some version this "look". I was one of them.. :p I am not a fan of skinny jeans, and it was waaaay to cold for me to not show off my new sweater :)

So go to your local park with some friends, pull out your camera and start snapping...you never know what you might find behind the lens :)

Until Whenever,

( A note from the F.B.I: This post is not numbered because prior to her mission, Justina had not put this in numbered order. We will continue to post previously written posts for her until her return from her current mission (see "4.You have to be willing to dig for it") Toodles, the Fashion Bureau of Investigations.)

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  1. hey justina...
    thanks for your comment=)
    yes, i speak a bit English but not very well;)

    you've a sweet blog! i really like the pictures in the park=)

    love mia


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