why don't you just brush it?


To have natural curly hair is to have a cabinet full of failed hair treatments, all promising moisture and definition and bounce and a pot full of gold. It builds a kind of cynicism that one should really not feel in an aisle full of plastic bottles. But that means that when something works, I absolutely lose it. 

I've been slowly integrating Devacurl products into my life ever since I saw Nesrin's hair makeover, and oooooh boy has it been fun. It's also been effective to the point where when they sent me a box with their new Matcha Butter Hair Treatment, I didn't even question it. I just slathered it straight on.

MY HAIR LOOKS DAMN GOOD. And it smells even better. But here's the real clincher: I didn't have to put my hair in braids or twists or any of the other protective styles I usually do straight out of the shower. I just...let it dry. To those of you with nice, easy, friendly hair that can dry in an hour and just look the way it's meant to, this probably doesn't sound revolutionary. But to those of you with natural curls? You get what I'm saying.

The treatment isn't on sale yet, 
but you can sign up to be on the pre-launch list so you can get it right away +
 get your curls on some next level buttery goodness.

I'm off to find a fan to stand in front of. 

x Justina

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  1. I hate when people ask if I brush or comb my curly hair. They just dont understand the careful process of detangling and moisturizing that occurs before they even see the final product.


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