spin me up

dress : modcloth
ring : modcloth
shoes : converse

Last week, I went out for a spin at the California State Fair. It was the Thursday before it officially opened, so I was free to roam among the ferris wheels as I pleased. Empty, and without all the people, the fair looks it's 50 years. But to be fair, so does this dress, and it's fresh in from Modcloth. It's weird how some places are so much made up of the people in them. 

Over my 10 years in 4-H, I spent a considerable amount of time wandering the fairgrounds, and I never got over the smells, the people, or the immense amounts of chili cheese fries available to me. It's a place where everyone fits in somewhere, even though it's populated by an incredible cast of individuals. I've decorated cakes, shoveled horse poop, and surprisingly, sold market animals. I've developed a love of overalls, lost a sense of smell, and built an integral part of my identity. I also learned that pockets are to be valued wherever they can be found. (This dress has two of them, and they're DEEP.) 

Speaking of this dress: As someone who routinely participates in return policies when things don't fit, I appreciate that Modcloth has a really cool thing where they show how their clothes look on a diverse group of humans, so you can get a better idea of what it'd look like on You, not "____ who is a 5'11, 108 pound Elf from a far away land." When this dress arrived, it fit perfectly. YAY ACCURATE SIZING.

I'm going back to the fair this week, this time with all my friends, and thousands of other people,
and try to not melt while we're eating our deep fried food.

x Justina

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