tip toes

flats: thandos
jeans: ami clubwear
tshirt: primark
jacket: element eden

THERE ARE PILES OF LEAVES EVERYWHERE. I'm going to just slip underneath them and pretend my country isn't falling to absolute shambles.

Gonna be real - my TOMs are usually the only flat-flats in my wardrobe, and I only wear them when I'm moving so fast you won't notice that I'm two inches shorter than usual. I like to be tall and intimidating, which is hard because I am short and not very scary at all. (Unless you ask children).

But these ballet flats are something else. They're squishy, came in their own pouch, and fold up into tiny little balls when you're not wearing them so you can toss them in your bag, and not think about them again until you've climbed your twelth flight of stairs for the day and your feet feel like they're gonna fall off. Not that anything like that ever happens to me. Definitely not this morning. 

Thandos are designed in Nigeria by J.G. and Taffi, who are literal ~power couple goals~. They're big on improving their community through smart commerce, which is something I am not only 100% here for, but think everyone should learn more about. They also make really comfy limited edition shoes, which is what's really important here.

Side note:
do not throw leaves at your photographer unless you have made
absolutely unequivocally definity postively sure
 that there are no rocks/squirrel poops in them.

x Justina

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  1. I wish I could pull off jeans like that! :( They look so good on you! x Laura


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