dear oprah, a few of my favorite things

Dear Oprah,

I love you. I really do. But as a struggling college student, I have a want, but not a use for a poinsetta flower pot cake. What I do need are comfy clothes and caffeine and power. For my gadgets, I mean.

I know you don't have experience in this group. So I spent the better part of this afternoon fishing the landfill out of my purse, laying out it's contents, and narrowing down the things I actually need to live.

Here's a few of my very favorite everyday things: 

1. Sebago Classics ($60): I swear I've only had them six months and they've changed my whole perspective on the frat-boy look because I am COMFORTABLE and WATERPROOF and SLIP-PROOF. 

2. Aerie Bralettes ($26): When you don't have boobs, you don't need real bras. When you do have boobs, you still need pretty bralettes.

3. MeUndies Terry Joggers ($85): Tbh MeUndies can just have my wallet, my soul, and my eternal love. Their undies are a staple in my closet, but these joggers changed my game. Plus they have real pockets. 

4. Casemate Iphone 6+ Case ($35): I drop my phone a lot. This case saves it a lot.

5. Fujifilm Instax SHARE SP-2 Printer ($189): I currently have .... 1985 photos on my iPhone. I only really need to remember like 20 of those. 

6. Mophie Power station ($49): I decided to show you the battle scars my Mophie has weathered under my care - it still saves me every time with two and a half-ish charges. Think of all the tweets that may have not happened if not for it. 

7. Happy Plugs In-Ear Headphones ($35): Because my mum (and the people who sit next to me in Starbucks) do not want to hear Chance the Rapepr on repeat (I know, it's weird.)

8. TOMS Del Rey Sneakers ($79): Because sometimes (every day) I spend hours running (but actually walking) all over the place and these shoes are the only way to keep looking cool.

9.Starbucks Cold Cup ($12-$25): Okay, you all know I have a problem. And admittedly, this grande cup is more aspirational than actuality. I can usually be spotted with my clear venti "justina sippy cup" full of iced coffee/motivation.

10. Brush Naked Toothbrush ($5): I have this weird gag-reflex to plastic toothbrushes (and people). Idk man. These brushes are great, and you gotta take care of your teeth. 

11. TOMS Cosmopolitan Tote ($158): IT FITS ALL OF THE THINGS. ALL OF THEM.

12. LUSH Solid Perfume ($12-$19): I work at LUSH, so I usually smell like LUSH, but when I don't, I smell like LUSH's 'All Good Things'. Best thing about it? It can't spill in my bag.

13. NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator ($8): The secret behind my prolific highlight, is not in fact, as suggested by my brother "drinking the happiness out of unicorns".

14.  LUSH Hair Custard ($24): I have a lot of hair. I prefer it to all be soft and smell like fair-trade vanilla. 

15. Nuuna Large Notebook ($27): A big book for all my big ideas. And shopping lists. 

16. Field Notes Notebook ($10):  A small book for to-do's and half-thought out tweets. 

So there you have it. Cold cups and tooth brushes.
 That's the real secret.

x Justina 

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  1. Lovely post dear!Have a great week! xx

  2. I really liked your post plus I didn't know Mophie Power station comes in different colors! I have the silver one and it's a life saver :D


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