gambino got the game bruh

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I like to think of myself as a naturally adventurous person, but sometimes I have to force nature. Like when Jordan surprised me with tickets to Childish Gambino's PHAROS and I had to nod and smile at a 13+ hour drive to Joshua Tree. With a 24 hour turn around. Over Labor day weekend, we were going to drive down, go to the concert, get up the next morning, drive back and not break up. It was insane. 

We did it anyway.

WOOOOOOOOORTH IT. This wasn't just a concert - Gambino really put on for an experience here. I doubt I will ever in my life stand in line for that long for another human, because this one set the bar too high. He's an incredibly talented person, and you can really feel a deep passion in all of his work. This album, and its presentation, were no exception. There's plenty of articles floating around that can give you the technical details of what went down, but honestly, I'd say you had to be there. Sorry.  (But also not, because I stood in the DUST for HOURS and WHAT HAVE YOU EVER DONE TO PROVE YOUR DEDICATION HUH?!)

We can't go back to PHAROS, but we CAN go to Portos, which I most certainly did. Of course. I also saw some dinosaurs, and almost fell off a mountain. You'll just have to watch the vlog, I guess. 

side note: I made eye contact with childish gambino,
and I'm pretty sure I've seen into the mind of a genius.

x Justina

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  1. Lovely post dear!Have a great weekend! xx

  2. Video is just great. Beautifull views. I would like to go to Portugal. Thank You for this post.

  3. AH so jealous!! And incredibly impressed that you survived that road trip.



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