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Back to school shopping need not end after one has gone back to school, and thankfully the lovely people at Simon Malls understand that just as well as I do. They invited me back for my (now annual) trip to the Great Mall, and absolutely set me loose to find a back-to-school look for under $100. They have over a million square feet of shops, but this time, I knew what I was getting into, and I took Jordan to carry the shopping bags. 

THERE'S SO MANY STORES. AND SO MANY OF THEM ARE OUTLETS. I had an armful in no time. But I was on a mission for a very specific item, and though many people told me they were impossible to find, I was DETERMINED. I figured if they'd be anywhere, they'd be at the Great Mall.

LO AND BEHOLD - H&M HAD BLACK OVERALLS. That was all I really wanted. Pockets and sturdy denim. Overalls that say "I'm a confident adult who can pull off kindergarten trends". I was going to include them in this post but then decided that they're too great to not have their own, so...stay tuned.

Shopping is exhausting, and boys get fidgety when they're hungry (But not me, of course. Never.) so we stopped at Dave & Busters for a snack halfway through our journey. I'd never been before, and was throughly delighted by how sticky everything was in this "frat bros designed a bar-arcade"  establishment.  I thought it was fun. The loaded tater tots were a+.

We then resumed our traipse through the neighborhoods (that's right, this place is so big it separates it's sections into "neighborhoods") and I finally acquired the holy grail of fashion blogger off-duty shoes: the low-top white converse. Yes, I do have high tops, and yes, they are also white, and no, that is not redundant. It's a different LOOK, okay.

It had been six hours, and we were fading quickly, so we slid one more stop into Columbia to pick up a cozy fleece, because I'm determined to go outside at least once this winter. 

Last note: next time,
bring more snacks.

x Justina

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  1. Shopping is my favorite thing to do; I deal shop :) ANyways congrats on the great finds
    Hugs from Hayley xx


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