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25 photos of my face that you didn't need in your life

Drake says he'll take care of me, but I'm an independent woman who don't need no man (unless Drake asks, in which case I definitely need him) and I can take care of myself.

It ain't always easy though. Not only is there no time in life to treat myself, sometimes I feel like I'm just patching up cracks when they get too big to ignore. That is no way to stay in the game. If you're gonna keep yourself and your instagram strong, you gotta be living your #blessed life. So I made a list of 25 easy ways to take care of yourself, inspired by this Friday night tweet.

1. Say "I love you" - to a dog, a plant,  a human. Sharing love makes you feel good.

2. Wash your face - a really good scrub or even a quick rinse will refresh your life.

3. Drink some water - if you're thirsty, you're dehydrated. If you're not, you're still dehydrated.

4. Coconut oil - on your face, in your hair, on your skin, in your coffee, on your problems.

5. Send a cute text - see no. 1. "Good morning sunshine" is my personal choice.

6. Laugh at something - even if it's yourself.

7. Smile for 30 seconds - there's legit internet science behind this, it makes you happy.

8. Do a BuzzFeed quiz - personal fave.

9. Read your horoscope - they aren't bible, but they are entertaining.

10. Make a list - it doesn't have to be a "to-do", but it will help sort out your day.

11. Daydream about an adventure - then make a change jar for it.

12. Keep your nails correct - chipped nails only seem like no big deal until they're fresh painted.

13. Do your hair - 30 extra seconds can take an actual bed bun to a cute messy bun.

14. Learn about the world - listen to NPR or This American Life on the way to wherever.

15. Listen to music - a good song can change your mood. Just ask Drake.

16. Get dressed - pajamas seem like a great idea, but real clothes are good too.

17. Make plans - not just with people, but with yourself. Go to a museum. Read a book.

18. Read something - whether it's Tolstoy or Elite Daily, read some real words.

19. Spend time - take five minutes for whatever your hobby is and do it.

20. Stretch - do some quick yoga or just reach for the ceiling, give your bones some room.

21. Enjoy your food - pay attention to how it tastes, and how it makes you feel. Eat meaningfully.

22. Clean out - I promise you that you don't need 3/4ths of what's at the bottom of your purse.

23. Dance - just one song. Get yourself out of the corner.

24. Do your work - you never have as much time as you think you do.

25. Do something you enjoy - something that really makes everything else worth it.

My life gets crazy easily, and I'm pretty prolific at procrastinating. If I don't start, I'll stagnate, and nothing gets done. I'll slip on one thing, then another, then suddenly it's Monday and I have no coffee, no homework, and the same outfit as yesterday.

And hey, I've already got #10 sorted for today.

x J

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  1. This list made me feel like I had all the more power to conquer all the crazy that's going on right now! I will be utilizing these for sure!



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