we survived childhood | HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Happy BIRTHDAY baby, we officially survived childhood on the internet.

Five years ago today, a series of semi-related events led to a very fortunate outcome that none of us saw coming. In a very particular order, this is what happened:

- I decided to nag my mum one more time about starting a new blog

- I sat at the dining room table far longer than usual trying to come up with names
- My brother had a stroke of genius (watch the video)
- I drank coffee for the first time (this probably had something to do with it)
- "A Bent Piece Of Wire" was uttered out loud for the first time. 
- My mother challenged with six fateful words.
- I created the fourth gmail account of my young life.
- I didn't listen to my mum. 

Five years later, not listening to my mum is still one of the best decisions I ever made, and one I will probably never repeat because luck like this doesn't strike twice. 

Thank you for five years of absolute adventure, and here's to a million billion more.

x J 

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  1. OOOOH CONGRATS! I think I'm on four years now :O But technically only three if you don't count the year I didn't really blog and had no idea what I was doing..;)


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