built in bavaria

photographed with a fujifilm x30

You know what? I don't think King Ludwig was crazy. However, after going to Bavaria for just 24 hours to see his castle, I'm thinking I might be.

Okay, so this one started out a bit rough. I had to wake up at my usual bedtime in order to catch the overnight train to Munich from Frankfurt. Then it was 40 minutes delayed, and once it arrived, was a sleeper train. I learned 20 minutes into the four hour trip that I am about six inches too tall for sleeper bunks. Wonderful. Once we got there though, it was worth it.

After putting in about a months worth of leg days climbing the mountain to its gates, I felt much like I do visiting Cinderella's castle. I had insisted all along that I wanted to see a "real" castle, and this was truly it. Neuschwanstein isn't just a castle, it's THE castle. Ironic, considering it was one of the last ever built in Europe. It's a symbol, not just of Germany, but of Europe as a whole. And Disneyland. Inside, it's absolutely gorgeous, and a little sad. It's depressing to think that this man built himself a fairytale castle in the sky, with styles and pieces borrowed from kingdoms long done and dusted, so he could escape a reality that was already pretty close to a fairytale. Then, not only did he die/get murdered/whatever, but once he did, they just stopped working on the castle. It was never finished. His last vision, never completed. Also rarely photographed. Bit of a bummer. All the good parts were done though: the massive windows so he could see out over his lands, the winter garden inside, and his beautiful golden throne room, set out to look like a Byzantine church. It never actually had a throne in it, but he apparently just hung out on the massive marble platform, because like...why not?

Other things I did in Bavaria:
- met several Australians (love 'em)
- ate some rather good curry wurst
- was throughly educated on bayern munich by a slightly intoxicated teenage boy

I think the grand lesson in all of this is to build your castle while you can, because you never know when someone is going to come along and drown you.

Also, that if you want a cave built into your fourth floor, and you are a king, you can do that.

x J

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  1. This post is great, sounds and looks like a lot of fun! <3

  2. *cries* this is incredible! You lived my dream! I've always wanted to take a semi-pilgrimage to Bavaria to see Neuschwanstein. I adore Ludwig, there's a picture of him above my bed. I don't think he was crazy either! Just eccentric, and maybe had a personality disorder. Okay, I'm rambling. Just wanted to spread some Ludwig love and also thanks for sharing!

    This Kid Is Alright

  3. Great post and amazing pictures :)...thx for sharing!

  4. I watched the video and the landscapes are so beautiful!

    Fashionably Sparkly

  5. I always see pictures of this castle and it always intrigues me, the story and everything behind it sounds so sad but so fascinating at the same time. Hope you had a cool time despite being 6 inches too tall, i feel your pain girl.


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