we're going way up

backpack: c/o fjallraven
dress: cotton on

The Griffith Observatory isn't even a tradition for me - it's a straight up superstitious good luck happy life ritual. Every time I'm in LA, I make the ridiculously traffic-y ride up to the gleaming white building in the canyon. It's this one touristy thing that doesn't feel touristy at all, even when you're surrounded by more people from far than near. The view makes me feel the way I imagine people who like New York feel when at the top of the Empire State building, like - hey, I'm tiny and this city is massive and amazing but I'm HERE and life is GOOD and WOW this is happening to me. Even the smog looks pretty from that high up. 

Other things that look pretty: MY BACK PACK. Now that I've given up on being a grown up with a grown up purse, and accepted the rucksack life style, I am feeling it. You can fit all of the things in it, and not worry about being too rough or running out of pockets. Plus...pink. 

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT...kind of. You know The Big Secret? The one I've been keeping for months and months, just dropping numbered days? This is the LAST POST BEFORE YOU FIND OUT. It's going to change everything. It'll be BTBS (Before The Big Secret) and ATBS (After The Big Secret) forever more. Thursday, on Instagram, it's all happening.  Don't be that one friend who doesn't know what's going on (aka all of mine)

Are you ready? This is gonna be fun.

x J 

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  1. Perfect:) xx

  2. I saw your video on insta and YOU ARE SO ADORABLE it's ridiculous. Also, I'm really excited to hear about your secret!


  3. So excited to hear your secret -- and the dress plus the backpack is the BEST combo ever!

    On a Saturday

  4. Hi Justina, I just want to say i think your blog is amazing and you are sooooo beautiful its crazy. I just followed you on insta and am legit just binge-reading your posts. you are acc a very insiring person. you go girl!

  5. Lovely post, have a beautiful week dear! <3


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